Testimonial 2007
Uncategorized >> TUSQ bridge pins “Improvement in sound, actually clarity overall”

TUSQ bridge pins “Improvement in sound, actually clarity overall”

Testimonial 2007

We get unsolicited testimonials everyday regarding Graph Tech products.  Most are exciting, passionate and inspiring.   They usually start with “Graph Tech saved my guitar” or something of the like.  Others thoughtful, informative and educational.  They even teach us some new uses for our products.  We get our share of hilarious, humorous and downright ridiculous emails as well.  All well intentioned and completely appreciated.  After all, Graph Tech was founded on enhancing playability and solving player issues through innovation and invention.

The letter above graced my desk.  It had been packed away with a number of other fabulous letters, that were sent by snail mail.  They just looked to good to keep in a box, so I’m archiving them digitally and in “Graph Tech‘s History Book”.

Mr. Barribeau states that there is some improvement in the sound and actually in the clarity overall.  He reveals that it will difficult to replace the guitar down the road now that it’s been decked out with upgrades.  He also suggests that Seagull Artist guitar should be considered for TUSQ bridge pins.

Thanks Mr. Barribeau!  The reason TUSQ bridge pins are so great is because TUSQ bridge pins are precision engineered under high pressure and heat specifically to deliver the maximum amount of vibration directly to the top of your guitar. They are consistent from piece to piece to offer you the rich tonal characteristic of the finest genuine bone or ivory – without the problems caused by variations in grain. Bone and ivory bridge pins have on inherent problem – they’re made from organic material, and therefore have inconsistent soft dead spots in them because of their natural grain.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for tone. TUSQ bridge pins are beautifully finished in a variety of color combinations to compliment the woods of your instrument – from ebony to birds eye maple.

We’ll change the way you play!