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True Testimonials!

We can talk a lot about how awesome our Graph Tech products are (they really are!) but YOU do a better job.  This week`s TRUE TESTIMONIAL comes to us from Carl T. and is about our TUSQ guitar saddles.

“Hey just writing to say thanks for making my guitar sound better, I have used your products before and got a new instrument with a bone saddle, I thought for giggles I’d install one of your saddles, wow, my guitar sounds great, I guess there are lot’s of cows out there that will be happy to know I’ve given up bone.” Thanks Carl!

In this industry, where people are very particular about how things used to be, and do not want this to change, Graph Tech can face a lot of challenges and a lot of adversaries.  Luckily, we also have a lot of advocates, and many people like Carl who are willing to try new things and test things out.

What you get from TUSQ nuts, saddles and bridge pins that you don`t get from synthetic and plastic materials is rich tone and harmonics.  It is a crystal clear sound and you can hear it because TUSQ is engineered for maximum vibration transfer.  TUSQ is better than ivory, bone and other natural materials because it is consistent from piece to piece and within each piece where other materials will have hard and soft spots that will hamper and even stop vibrations leading to dead spots.

TUSQ is laboratory proven to enhance harmonic content by 200%!  It is the cheapest improvement investment you can make to your guitar.  Try it yourself and see how much it will change your guitar.  Buy your TUSQ nut, saddle or bridge pin today.  You have nothing to lose.   Love it or return it!

Be like Carl T.  When you see how much it changes your guitar, send us your testimonial and we`ll post it on this blog.

We`ll change the way you play!