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Totally True Testimonials


Today’s totally true testimonial comes from Joe S.

Joe writes:

“Received & installed, today, the new ResoMax 2 bridge, with Graphtech saddles, on an Inspired by Lennon,Epiphone Casino. Real pleased with the treble spike reduction, & superior overall sound balance. The light weight is an added benefit, on this hollow body guitar. These ResoMax bridges have better volume balance & a more open sound. Just like it sais on the label.  I use and have used, Graphtechs on Strats, Tele, 335, Gretsch, Godin LG, & now the Casino.  Good products people.   Joe S”

The ResoMax NV2 bridge is lightweight because it is made from a proprietary ResoMax alloy designed to boost tone and harmonics.  The bridge is equipped Teflon infused String Saver saddles which are 500% more slippery than graphite to dramatically reduce string breakage which will never wear out.  The bridge also exclusively features AutoLock, which magnetically secures your bridge into place so you have not tools to use or lose.  This sexy bridge is triple plated for durability and a beauty.