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“The Install Completely Turned This Guitar Around”

John Bohlinger

John Bohlinger, is many things, including versatile multi-instrumentalist.  He is also a Graph Tech artist.

The consummate Nashville sideman, John has accompanied over fifty major label artist throughout his tenure in Nashville including Bret Michaels of Poison, Sara Evans, Leann Rimes,  Miranda Lambert, Tanya Tucker, Trace Adkins, Hank Williams Jr, Kenny Rogers, The Beach Boys,  Randy Owen of Alabama, Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues and many others.  John has also recorded master sessions on electric and acoustic guitars, bass, pedal steel and mandolin.

Obviously, this guy plays a lot of guitar and owns a lot of guitars and other stringed instruments.  Knowing that he is also a writer who writes a monthly column entitled “Last Call” for Premier Guitar Magazine, I asked him what he loves about the Graph Tech products he uses.  Here is his eloquent reply:

“I installed GraphTech’s ResoMax Bridge System on a very lack luster Les Paul that I had to quit playing after one too many disappointing gigs.   The install completely turned this guitar around;  now it sings like it should;  huge, classic Les Paul sustain,  rich,  with solid tuning stability.

It was so successful that I changed the saddles on two of my telecasters:

One three saddle old style had some real issues with tuning stability.  The other more modern one with six saddles kept breaking B strings.

In short,  the old style three saddle guitar now tunes dead on 440, and  the modern six saddle guitar quit breaking strings.  More importantly,  the guitar now seems way more alive.

Major improvement on all three guitars, I highly recommend them.”  – John Bohlinger Band Leader/ Musician/ Writer.

John uses Graph Tech’s ResoMax NVS Bridge System, which includes a harmonically rich bridge loaded with U.L.F (ultra low friction) saddles and matching tailpiece.  The ultra low friction saddles increase tuning stability and dramatically reduce string breakage.  The ResoMax NVS Bridge System also includes AutoLock, which secures your bridge and tailpiece without any tools to use or lose, making restringing quick and simple.

He also uses String Saver Saddles which also increase tuning stability and dramatically reduce string breakage.

John Bohlinger is a Nashville musician best know for  his work in television.  John lead the band for six season of NBC’s hit program “Nashville Star” as well as the 2010 and 2009 CMT Music Awards,  CMT Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special, the GAC Network’s “Next GAC Star”,  and several PBS specials including “The Outlaw Trail” and “Legends and Lyrics”.    John was recently cast as Gwyneth Paltrow’s bass player in the her new film “Country Strong” staring Tim McGraw.

John’s music compositions and playing can be heard on several major motion pictures, major label albums and over one hundred television spots.  John is also a contributor and co-editor of A GUITAR AND A PEN, Stories by Country Music’s Greatest Songwriter, published by Center Street, a division of Hachette Book Group.

John writes a monthly column entitled “Last Call” for Premiere Guitar Magazine as well as the occasional freelance work for American Songwriter magazine.