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Supercharger Kit Review

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Sure we can talk about how much WE love our products, so it’s always cool to see what others think of our products.

If you really want to beef up your guitar and make it play to it’s potential (and match up to yours), here’s an excerpt of a recent review of Graph Tech’s Supercharger Kits by Billy Voight of

The saddles on your instrument are a bit of an unsung hero.  You don’t really notice them until they cause a problem.  Either you begin to break strings at the saddle which usually means you have a bur or sharp indent which catches your string (common on a cheaper import strat copy) or you need to adjust your string height and you can find every allen wrench except the proper sized one.

Graphtech cures both problems with the Supercharger Kit.  Their saddles are made of Teflon which evenly spreads the vibration of the string causing less wear and tear.  Does this alter my tone?  Yes, metal saddles give off a very bright spike in the high end around 2khz that dominates your sound.  Graphtech saddles offer a more balanced tone which will enhance sustain and harmonics.

And that allen wrench?  Graphtech includes one right in the package with the new saddles!

Installation of the saddles was a breeze.  I highly suggest doing this upgrade when you plan your next string change since your strings go right through the saddle and will need to be removed anyway.  Also you will need to re-intonate your instrument to set the length of the saddles.  I removed each old saddle individually and replaced it with a Graphtech one at a time.  That method helped me get a ballpark figure for saddle height and distance from the bridge.  Graphtech includes 2 grits of sandpaper in case you need to slim a saddle down here or there.  Mine were direct replacements with no mods needed.

String Trees

The same Teflon science of the saddles applies to the string trees; a smoother path for your string to travel and vibrate on.  These were a direct replacement for my strat.  I didn’t need to drill or create a bigger hole.  If you are nervous of this you can always use the same screw from your previous string tree.  My strat was already setup for 2 string trees.  Some instruments work fine with only one, use your best judgement.


The nut was the biggest hassle of this kit.  It had nothing to do with Graphtech, whoever owned the guitar before me super glued the old nut in place.  Normally a few light taps with a screwdriver and a small hammer will knock the old one out.  Took me about 45 minutes to score mine out with a hobby knife.

This is where you will need the sandpaper from the Graphtech kit.  Nut slots differ so you will probably need to a) slim it down to fit into the slot b) sand down the height for proper action.  A little sanding goes a long way!  Well I took off a bit more height than I needed too and ended up having to make a shim out of a sliver of a business card.  Also remember: you are sanding the nut to fit the nut slot, NOT sizing up the nut slot for the nut.  This will throw of the intonation of your instrument.

The same Teflon technology applies.  Your strings vibrate and move more freely offering better tuning stability.  Go ahead make those big bends and note your guitar is still in tune!

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