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String Saver Saddles Really Help Eliminate String Breakage

We love our Graph Tech fans.  They’re loyal for life.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been a loyal fan and one of our Endorsed Artists for years.  We still have a Kenny Wayne Shepherd poster, with his long hair hanging in our office endorsing our products from his 1999 “Live On” Album.  He uses String Saver saddles.

We don’t pay our Artists for Endorsements.  We never have.  We want all of our Artists to use and love our products because they use and love our products.  We value their feedback because we know they’re being honest.

String Saver saddles are permanently lubricated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth, which eases the grip between the saddle and string spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string, dramatically reducing string breakage and increasing tuning stability when the strings glide back into place.  The lubricating properties will never wear out, which  means strings that last and last.

What do they sound like?

Metal saddles have a pronounced 2 KHz treble spike that dominates the tonal spectrum. String Saver Originals have a more balanced tone with sizzling highs, full mids, and big open lows. You will also notice an increase in sustain by up to 25% over brass saddles and 15% over steel.

Kenny is featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine October 11 issue stating “I also use Graph Tech saddles because heavy strings wear deep grooves, which act like a wire cutter when I hit the strings hard.  They really help elminiate string breakage.  They are stock on my signature guitar.”

Thanks Kenny Wayne, and thanks to all of our fans!

We’ll change the way you play!