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Rick Plester Loves the Clearer Warmer Tone


Rick Plester has been an Artist with Graph Tech for over 6 years.  He is a someone who has been gifted many talents (when some of us struggle to even find one).  He was a Pro hockey player until his passion for music and hockey collided and he was forced to choose.

He is currently a producer and touring guitarist. To date, he has been involved in 112 records, including The Scorpions; James Kottak, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, and many others major acts.

As a numerous winner of guitar contests and active member of the music industry, I asked Rick to share with us his experience with Graph Tech products.  Here’s what he has to say:

“I used the ghost System on my latest record. I play guitar synth on it.  I use it because I don’t play keyboards that well and with this amazing system I can play all the part and feels needed to fake my way through the process and sound like a killer keyboard player…lol.

Its also great for guitar sounds mixed with keys sounds for something wild and crazy. People ask me ‘How did you get that guitar sound?’ all the time.  And I tell them it’s because the sounds are cleverly mixed together with a system by Graph Tech called ghost.

I also use the Graph Tech’s String Saver saddles. I first off love the clearer warmer tone they give, but they do save the life of the string also. I play very hard so breakage has always been my problem and I use very heavy gauge strings (12”s).

With the String Saver Saddles the life easily triples if not more. I would tell the consumer what you spend on the String Saver Saddle will pay off in a couple months… Great decision to buy them, most importantly it make the guitar sound better in my opinion.

Please check out my new video on my web site and listen to the keys parts. I have a player live but the recording is all done on the ghost system.” – Rick Plester (

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