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Product Spotlight: Resomax Harmonic Bridge Systems

We at Graph Tech have had tremendous feedback from customers about our Resomax bridges, but are always asked “which one is right for me?” Here is a quick run down.

There are a few traits that all of our bridges share:

– Harmonically rich Resomax alloy construction
– Magnetic AutoLock feature to secure bridge without tools
– Triple plating for a brilliant and durable finish
– 4mm or 6mm post sizes
– 74mm post spacing
– 4 different finishes (chrome, nickel, gold, black-nickel)

The different options are due to the saddles

NV2: String Saver saddles for dramatically reduced string breakage, and a flatter, more extended frequency response than traditional saddles.

NV1: Alloy saddles to match the finish of the bridge, and retain the bright 2K tone spike many guitarist have come to expect from thier bridges.

NVS: Somewhere it between the two. The brighter treble tone due to its metal construction, but with a ultra hard low friction coating bonded to it.

And lastly…….

NVT: Tailpiece option with all the same qualities and finish options of the bridges.

Try one of our Resomax bridges today and see what a difference it can make.