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Now Available ResoMax Wrap Bridge

ResoMax NW arty 2 cropped

You’ve seen the ads, and heard rumours about a new bridge from Graph Tech that’s been designed to be sexy, comfortable and sound great.  Sleek and low profile, the ResoMax Wrap Bridge is reminiscent of a classic car, all curves and elegantly designed without any sharp edges to ensure comfortable and superior palm muting.

Equipped with Graph Tech‘s proprietary Autolock system, the bridge stays in place while unstrung, without any tools to use or lose. The Resomax Wrap bridge is super lightweight, high strength and bursting with an abundance of beautiful, rich harmonics.

Triple plated in chrome, nickel, 24k gold, and black nickel for years of durability. Saddle options include ResoMax alloy, String Saver and ghost.

“I just tracked a main lead break for my new CD with this guitar and this bridge with the new posts. Sounds freakin’ stellar! Nice light studs too. Palm mutes O so comfy!” Says Dan Spitz, Three time Grammy nominated, multi Platinum Recording Artist and co-founder of Anthrax.

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