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Hello, From Jokia the Elephant


As the world’s largest manufacturer of nuts and saddles, Graph Tech has produced about 504,191 lbs of product in the last 7 years, which equates to saving about 38, 196 elephants from entering the illegal ivory trade, based on current average tusk weights.  Not bad for a product that weighs an average of 0.1 oz and is roughly the size of a small finger.

Graph Tech sponsors a spunky female Asian elephant named Jokia in Thailand.  She was saved by the sanctuary when her previous owners over worked her, beat her and left her to a fate that many other elephants succumb to.

Elephants worldwide are still on the endangered list and with illegal poaching for tusks as the number one reason for limited species, these animals are still in need of protection.

Here is the update on our adopted friend:

Now that the rainy season has begun, Jokia and Mae Perm have been enjoying the surplus of mud puddles and have been showering themselves with mud on every occasion available. With the arrival of the rain and mud, the parched colorless landscape transforms to various shades of green. Grasses and other plants are in abundance and Mae Jokia and her best friend are not in as much of a hurry to get to the feeding platform for their fruit and veg baskets at 11:30a.m. and 4 p.m.

They are happy to stand side by side, grazing contentedly, sometimes wandering away from each other, but not too far. In the late afternoons Jokia, Mae Perm and Mae Somboon head to the back of the property, close to the river where they have the area mostly to themselves. Sometimes they make their way across the river and graze along the banks on the other side. Mae Perm and Mae Jokia still make weekly journeys up to Elephant Haven, weather permitting and enjoy the variety of plant life to choose from while there.

 TUSQ, TUSQ XL, Black TUSQ XL and NuBone are viable alteratives to ivory for guitar components and negate the need for animal products in the guitar industry.  The performance enhancement that they offer is so much greater than what is offered by the animal product counter parts that even skeptics should switch.  The guitar industry is changing to protect endangered wood species and paint choices are considered to decrease the volatile organic compounds that are released in the production process.  Components, like those produced by Graph Tech can also be compliant when it comes to the environment and being eco-responsible.