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Graph Tech’s Foster Elephant Update


It’s been an extremely busy time at Graph Tech as we get closer to the end of the year.  We’ve been working on a multitude of projects which has been fun and challenging.  It’s been really refreshing here at the office as ideas swirl around and we all work towards cool new products!

When we’re really busy, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the details of work and production and forget about the personal side of the business.  Graph Tech really values our charity work with Elephants.  After all, our best selling material is our TUSQ product, a superior and environmentally safe product that eliminates the demand for elephant and other animal ivory while enhancing and boosting tone and harmonics.

We sponsor an orphan Elephant named Jokia, who was blinded by her handlers and left for dead.   She is distrusting of humans since they abused her and caused her to lose her only baby.  However, having been adopted by Graph Tech, she now spends her days with her best friend Mae Perm.  They have many lazy days lounging in the sun, walking through the protected area.

They have been friends for almost 12 years!  Seems that new friends come and go, and younger elephants grow up and move on, but Jokia and Mae Perm stay steady and strong.

Here is her full update:

Mae Jokia is doing well these days, enjoying the company of Mae Perm, her best friend of 11 years. The girls days have settled into a mostly uneventful routine, which they think is just fine. A few new female residents have joined them for a few days here and there, but since the loss of Mae Somboon, Mae Jokia and Mae Perm have not found anyone to fill her shoes.

Tilly had arrived in mid to late March and Jokia and Mae Perm seemed to embrace her. Tilly spent her first three days with Mae Jokia and Mae Perm. It was nice to see how comfortable and accepting Jokia was to a newcomer, Mae Perm as well. Mae Perm is quite protective of Jokia and with good reason, as Jokia is completely blind. Just when it seemed that Tilly was to become the third companion and transform the pair into a trio, Tilly became restless and decided to set off and explore other friendship options. Jokia really didn’t mind whether she and Mae Perm had another friend or not so the pair continued on with their daily routine, sometimes meeting up with Tilly at the feeding platform.

Jokia’s weekly trips to Elephant Haven have been less frequent this year as the road that leads to the Park has more traffic. As well-adjusted as the sightless Mae Jokia is, walking on the road with vehicles passing by can be quite stressful for her, even in the company of Mae Perm. Once the pair finally reach the sanctuary of Elephant Haven, they are happy and content. Elephant Haven was where Jokia and Mae Perm initially met and Jokia began her long recovery. To return to this forested mountainside brings back nostalgic memories and scents, reminding the girls of their early days together.

In mid to late April Sri Prae, who arrived back in early November started edging ever closer to Jokia and Mae Perm in their favorite morning grazing area. At first we were a bit wary of these attempts at socializing because Sri Prae can be a bit unpredictable in her interactions. As much as she seems to want to make new friends, she just doesn’t completely understand social etiquette and can be a bit pushy with potential new friends. All seemed to be going pretty well, but soon Sri Prae also lost interest as Mae Perm and Jokia were indifferent to her presence.

The young and curious calves Faa Mai and Chang Yim often come to visit Jokia and Mae Perm and the girls seem to enjoy these brief encounters, though Chang Yim a typical male always wants to push and play, where Faa Mai just likes to cuddle and explore the older females with her trunk and back herself up to Jokia. Tong Jan and Faa Sai also really enjoy Jokia and Mae Perm’s company and often wander over to spend time with them. After the elephant’s feeding time while the humans are eating their lunch, Jokia will often play with the “tire pole”‘- which is part of our “elephant playground.”

Jokia also enjoys the “elephant stonehenge” which is a great place to enjoy a full body scratch before and after bathing time.

Besides the loss of Mae Somboon, Hope is no longer a part of Jokia and Mae Perm’s life. Hope has grown up and is in the throes of puberty. Jokia has grown wary of Hope and his over confident teenage ways. Even Mae Perm feels a bit uneasy when Hope is around. Hope’s confidence can often lead to pushiness. Now the adopted little boy has grown up and their role as aunties to Hope has ended.

Jokia sleeps peacefully at night- occasionally dreaming, content with the knowledge that Mae Perm is nearby if she needs her. Sri Prae shares their shelter at night and the pair do not mind her presence, but in the mornings they move off on their own, a match made in Elephant Haven…

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