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Graph Tech Around The World

Going to NAMM is always exciting because we get to meet a lot of Graph Tech fans and customers from around the world.  I wish I would have gotten to meet Jack Thammarat.

Winner of Guitar Idol 2009, Jack is a talented guitarist and composer from Thailand and customer of our ghost product.  Not only that, he has put together this incredible video testing, reviewing and demonstrating the ghost Acoustiphonic and Hexpander.  It is in Thai, but he has put it together with English subtitles.  Good for me, because my Thai is a little rusty (haha).

I found Jack’s video during my weekly search of videos of Graph Tech online.  What is wicked awesome (yes, I just said that) about youtube, is that it allows amateurs, pros and everyone in between to really have a vehicle to educate others on a variety of topics.  Here is just one example of where someone has created an unsolicited review of a Graph Tech product.  What I find particularly good about this test – is how he tests and explains what makes the ghost product really great.

The unparalleled fast tracking of the ghost system means that there is undetectable latency.  Play as fast as possible and this system will still be able to keep up without any problems.  Besides that, it doesn’t have any bizarre ‘ping’ or compression ‘quacks’ you get from other systems, and our saddles are permanently lubricated and made to increase harmonics so you get the benefit of a richer sounding guitar too.

But you don’t need to believe my words.  Music is a universal language that can be understood by any culture.  This guy is incredible.

We’ll change the way you play!