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Graph Tech An Obvious Choice For US Music Corp.

Graph Tech An Obvious Choice for US Music Corp.

DELTA, B.C., November 18, 2010 – Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer is pleased to announce that US Music Corp., manufacturers of Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Oscar Schmidt, and Jay Turser will be equipping all brands with TUSQ, Black TUSQXL, TUSQ XL or Nubone nuts and saddles.

“When it comes to designing guitars, there are so many choices to be made.  Woods, finishes, pickups, hardware, fret wire, switches, machine heads, strings and neck joints – these are just a small sampling of decisions.  There is really only one obvious one – Graph Tech nuts and saddles.  These materials are scientifically superior in sustain and response and so an obvious choice for our instruments.
 I guess anyone who wants poorer frequency response and reduced sustain should look elsewhere – but not us.  All of our brands use them.  Doing otherwise would be consciously deciding to be inferior.”  Chris Griffiths, Vice President, US Music Corp.

TUSQ (man-made ivory) nuts and saddles increase the harmonic content and harmonic sustain in acoustic guitar resulting in rich tone and sustain.

TUSQ XL has the same properties as TUSQ but with the added benefit of Teflon for better tuning precision and stability.

Black TUSQ XL has the heavy rocker attitude of TUSQ XL in a cool black color.

NuBone is a superior alternative to plastic nuts and saddles, environmentally friendly and allowing more volume, tone and harmonics from the guitars.

“I’ve know Chris for years, he is an incredibly smart, strategically thinking guy. Chris has been a pioneer in the guitar industry with guitar design and branding and now to see him build these brands for US Music Corp with superior quality control and guitar components is truly an amazing thing to watch. I know him, and the guitar lines, are going to be very, very successful in the years to come.  ” says Dave Dunwoodie, President, Graph Tech.

About US Music Corp.
US Music Corp is an international musical instrument company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide under the Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Electronics, Oscar Schmidt, Hagstrom, Jay Turser, Jay J, Ministar, Phonic, Mano Percussion, Quik Lok, and Profile brand names.

About Graph Tech Guitar Labs
Founded in 1983 by President Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech Guitar Labs manufactures more guitar nuts and saddles than any other company in the world. Focused on innovations to improve guitar tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech is the maker of TUSQ® and Black TUSQ® XL man-made ivory, String Saver™ saddles, String Saver™ Classics steel saddles, ResoMax™ Harmonic Bridge System, and ghost® Modular Pickup System. The world’s leading retailers and luthiers choose Graph Tech products, as well as guitar manufacturers
including: Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Hagstrom, Ibanez, Jay Turser, Lag, L’arrivee, Martin Guitars, Ovation, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Taylor Guitars, and Yamaha Custom Shop. For more information, visit