Electronics >> “Ghost system seems to be the “only” way to go if you are installing MIDI in a guitar.”

“Ghost system seems to be the “only” way to go if you are installing MIDI in a guitar.”

This latest review is on the Graph Tech ghost System and comes from guitarforums.com from senior member Dexter1225.

He writes:

Installing – I have VERY little woodworking experience, but even I got it done with only a minor chip on the body of the guitar where I kind of “slipped” with my chisel (I’m over it, it’s a project guitar and adds some character). And aside from rewiring the entire guitar, I only needed to solder, in total, two extra wires to the guitar wiring to get this thing working completely (I decided I would only want to use one cable, the 13-pin MIDI cable, so I picked up the 7-pin harness; without the harness no extra soldering is needed). I didn’t do any tricky routing for the pickup wires, so I just have them running under the pickguard – simple enough just to file away at the pickguard.

Calibration – I’m using it through a GR-20. Upon turning on the GR-20 and resetting the sensitivities to zero, I was a little concerned that I wasn’t getting much activity through the pickups, but some button-pushing and changing sensitivities changed that just fine (I have my sensitivities set to “6”). I was also concerned that some of the strings weren’t being “read” correctly (like I would strum the high-E and it would say I was strumming B, but I knew I plugged it all in correctly), but decided to give it try anyway and every string is accounted for and sounds PERFECT through the GR-20.

Performance – It really does track *extremely* well! My experience is limited to the Roland GK-3 pickup and now this Ghost system, but I could notice a LOT less latency with tracking through my GR-20. My technique still isn’t perfect for synthesis, but I was hearing a LOT less errors when using the keyboard patches.

Components – You might hear a lot of complaints about Graphtech’s string-saver saddles, but I actually really like the sound I’m getting out of them. I’ll probably invest in one of their bridges (edit: nuts) shortly.

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