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Floyd Rose Stability Problems? You are not alone.


If you are having problems with your Floyd Rose bridge returning to zero point (where it floats) you are not alone.  It’s double locking design was revolutionary and gained popularity in the 80’s for its ability to stay in tune with heavy and extreme tremolo use.  Search today, and there are many videos and forums dedicated to Floyd Rose stability fixes and slight modifications to strings and tuners to workarounds and strange additions to getting the bridge to do what it’s simply suppose to do!  Floyd Rose stability should not be a constant and nagging issue.  Returning to zero point should not be a worry.  How can you be inspired to play or perform if you can’t be confident that your guitar is even stable?

The Graph Tech LB63 Bridge is a drop-in replacement for Floyd Rose Original and Licensed bridges.  The bridge is constructed with a hardened knife edge to return to zero point easily.  To ease in stability, tuning and greatly reduce or eliminate string breakage, String Saver saddles are included.

Each String Saver saddle is infused with Teflon, the slipperiest substance on earth, so its lubricating properties will never wear out.

The LB63 Bridge is constructed of a harmonically rich material that will improve your guitar’s tone and performance and made specifically to improve your guitar playing experience.

The LB63 Bridge with String Saver saddles comes with everything; tremolo arm, tremolo springs, claw, screws, height adjustable posts, and allen keys.  The bridge will fit most guitars routed for Floyd Rose Original and Licensed bridges.

If you are looking for a simple way to fix the issues you are having with your current Floyd Rose bridge, get it in playing condition.

When you put Graph Tech hardware on your guitar, you can trust that it is reliable and will allow you to perform at your best.  Love it, or return it. 

P.S.  Check out the Floyd Rose ghost loaded pizeo pickup bridge assembly (that’s a mouthful)!

We’ll change the way you play!