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Dealer Spotlight: Guitar Center


Guitar Center the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in the world with 223 locations throughout the United States.  As a large chain store, Guitar Center, prides itself on having an excellent collection of guitars that you can look at, touch, feel and play.

Not only will you find a good selection of Graph Tech’s most popular nuts and saddles, to upgrade an enhance your guitar in a pinch, you’ll also be able to see a large selection of guitars that already feature Graph Tech products!

The next time you’re perusing the wares at Guitar Center on a lazy Sunday afternoon, see if you can identify which guitars have Graph Tech products.  If you pick up a guitar that sounds more amazing than it looks, it might just have Graph Tech gear on it.  You can also tell by cling stickers and hang tags on the guitar.


Guitar Center has humble roots, just like Graph Tech. Founded modestly year 1959 in Hollywood CA, they have grown to employ over 10,000 employees and generate over a staggering 1.7 billion dollars of revenue today.  For about a year now they have stocked over a dozen Graph Tech products at over 150 of their stores. Not in a DIY mood?  Even though Graph Tech products are made for do-it-yourself, we can understand if you want a professional to handle your gear. So you can pick up your Graph Tech upgrade and have it installed here too.

We’ll change the way you play!