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Dave Martone


One of our Artists, the talented Dave Martone, recently opened for Joe Satriani during the Canadian leg of his Wormhole Tour.

Touted as a phenomenal picker and one of the wildest guitarists around, Dave garnered standing ovations after his opening set.  Dave uses Graph Tech’s ghost Pick Up System which allows him to tap into a natural acoustic sound.  He also uses Graph Tech’s TUSQ XL nuts!  In the past, he has performed at our booth, to a very appreciative crowd!

Dave gives back to the music community.  Not only does he often host nights where up and coming guitarists can find an audience, Dave is also very active in the teaching community.  Behind his passionate, driven Rock God style, Dave is a really down to earth guy.

You can find his most recent lesson on Premier Guitar for at here.

For more details on his tour and where he’s going next, visit his blog.

You will no doubt see more of this talented artist.

We’ll change the way you play!